Experienced, Practical Advice for Those Anticipating or Going Through Domestic Travails.

Welcome!  If you are visiting this site, it is probably because  you are either expecting or in the midst of a divorce or separation litigation. 

 It may be that you have children whose lives will  be disrupted by their parents' unrest and you need advice on how to manage your relationship with their other parent in a way that will create the best possible situation for them.

As family law attorneys with decades of experience, we know that broken homes reallly do cause broken hearts. 

We know, too, that using some of our time-tested tips can help our divorce clients be better prepared emotionally, strategically and financially to weather divorce and legal turmoil over children's issues.

We know that parents who are well-informed can come to quicker, less emotionally-draining and less expensive decisions about how their children's lives will look when their parents do not live together.

We offer the benefit of our practical advice through this website, our blog, and our two books, with more on the way.




The Broken Home Broken Heart Book Series is an aid to people who either anticipate a family law litigation or who are going through one.The suggestions in each are borne of decades of family law experience  

These books are not designed to take the place of your attorney.  Rather, They are to be used along with with the advice of an attorney in your area and who is familiar with the particular facts of your case.   

One thing we know from experience is that the client who has adequately prepared for a divorce in advance is rare and, yet, a few practical steps taken before reaching the point of filing can make all the difference in how well they are able to manage especially in the first months of the litigation.

Our book, Preparing for Divorce can prepare you strategically, emotionally, and financially for impending famlly law litigation.Click on the blue link or on the "Preparing for Divorce" button above for full details and free materials. 

Advice from a Family Lawyer For Custody Agreements and Disputes gives good, practical advice on workable custody and visitation solutions.  It offers thoughtful consideratons for parents and it discusses strategies for getting the most out of your custody case.

Click on the blue link or on the button, above,  to go to each book's page for further details and FREE HELPFUL DOWNLOADS.

How our website can help you.

Click on the page buttons  at the top of this page or the blue links in the column to the left and visit the page for each of of our helpful books.  At the bottom of these pages you will find free downloadable forms and information sheets that anyone going thinking they are facing a divorce or custody dispute can use.

Use our contact form to ask us questions.  We attorneys have over sixty years' combined experience.  We cannot give you legal advice about your particular situaiton, but we are happy to correspond with you on practical advice that applies to a variety of cases similar to yours.  We want to hear your stories, too!

Visit our blog.  It is here that you will find some new topics and updates on trends in the family law arena.

New products soon.  There are more books coming including print editions of hte books featured here and  a large, comprehensive volume covering the entire domestic relations topic in one book. Even more important this larger book can be used even by those who feel they are in a secure relationship,  It is a valuable resource for cultivating a secure, healthy homelife that can withstand any storm.

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